Universal Paperclips


Press left mouse button to play.

Universal paperclips is a casual free click game. Your main task here is to make paper clips.  Every time you make a paper clip, you need a certain number of wires, and with your career development, you need to purchase automatic scissors that are convenient to cut to assist in production.

Universal paperclips game operations

In Universal paperclips, all the activities of making paper clips only need to click with the left mouse button. Quick clicking can produce paper clips better and faster and improve the efficiency of the production line.

Universal paperclips game content

When producing paper clips in Universal paperclips, you also need to purchase wires regularly to ensure the abundance of raw materials so that the production line can run regularly. With the increasing number of paper clips you make, you can purchase automatic scissors to assist your work and make the production process smoother.

Universal paperclips’ game features

When buying automatic scissors, its price will increase over time. You can also carry out promotional activities in Universal paperclips. While increasing the sales of paper clips, you can also upgrade in-store devices. All of this depends on your strategy.

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